Important information



  • Well-behaved dogs are welcome, please tell us when you are booking the number and breed of dogs.
  • Please keep the dogs to the downstairs and to the back of the house (kitchen, boot room, back corridor).
  • Dogs must not be left alone in the house, and must not roam outside unaccompanied;
  • Please clear up after your dog outside and in. Any extra work for us in this regard will be charged against the deposit.
  • There are 2 kennels if your dog is used to living outside


Other Matters:

  • There are 3 cottages on the estate lived in full time by tenants. The house is, however, entirely private.
  • The drive to the house is shared by the small fish farm which grows the salmon smoults in the  pure water from the river Kishorn beyond the house. For this reason, children and dogs need to be watched in the garden because the fencing between the garden and the drive is not secure.
  • Please make sure that whoever is cooking is familiar with using an Aga. There is a cook-book in the house which gives advice, but some research before hand may be useful.
  • The drainage system at Couldoran is very sensitive. Please make sure all your guests know not to put anything down the loos apart from human waste and loo paper. Any blockages will be charged against the deposit.
  • The septic tank needs love not bleach. Please use bio-degradable products in the house.